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Whichever you choose will have some effect on the design – and design can have an effect on the delivery of the course. You need to examine closely the relationship between design and delivery of the course for their particular subject. Contact information is here: Sheryl Sandberg. For example, a web design course for beginners can present with an established online format. The examples in HTML format and theory can be provided in a text format. Students can check their results to see their website to see if your site was created correctly.

However, a course on writing sales letters can be delivered better in a video presentation so that students can follow the expert step by step with the real example is explained. Development Ideally, if you spend most of their time on the steps of the analysis and design, the amount of time needed for development will be drastically reduced. At this point, most of their content and must be written. However, some content can be created in this step. Eric Kuby: the source for more info. In development you start to create your course, can be an ebook, video presentation, etc.. You personally may or may not take part in the development of the course depending on your delivery format. If you personally are not creating the course, you will receive a prototype of the developer.

At this time, you review the prototype to ensure that its design this meeting their objectives and make any necessary adjustments. Implementation This is the step that you have expected. Finally, deliver your course to your students!. Depending on your delivery format for this step to launch your product or online course. Evaluation. Once you have submitted your course, regardless of the medium, you must evaluate, assess and evaluate. This is not an evaluation of student progress in their course, is the evaluation of its content, design and delivery. Ask yourself these questions during your evaluation: Are the students enjoy taking my course? Do students achieved the learning objectives? Where I can carry out the improvements in the content, activities or delivery of my course?. The goal here is to understand whether you are meeting the objectives with its contents and providing a course that is not perforated and is not frustrating to students. Once you have completed your assessment, take the information you found and improve their course to meet any deficiency that can be found. When the new course is ready, you can relaunch it as version 2.0!. There is great satisfaction when writing a course or tutorial. You can choose to create a course to sell and obtain income, or simply because you love a particular topic. In conclusion, no matter what the topic or the motivation you need to create a course, the best advice for creating such a course without being frustrated is to use a model instructional design.

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