Virtual Online Recording Studio

AudioConcept launches new Internet service for voice prompts and music on hold Freiburg, September 7, 2009. The company AudioConcept GbR started September 1″the new online recording studio XPress phone prompts. Known, are voice votes, mostly from TV and radio intuitively, as in an Internet shop for voice prompts, book and inferior with royalty-free music tracks. XPress is focused on the growing demand for professional announcements for answering machine and hold in the company. By the technological progress in the telecommunications industry, nearly all PBXs can play audio data in the wait box, or in the mailbox with high sound quality.

And that is increasingly used: telecommunications is the main artery of each company. Here the most dates find “place.”, GBR. first impressions Vikram m, managing partner of AudioConcept Manfred also decides if a partner is not reachable. A professional announcement increases the likelihood of on talk, promotes image “enhancing associations, leaving the caller as sound card in memory.” Through the configuration of the announcements on the Internet, time and associated costs can be, such as online printers, much save. So, special rates are practicable. “…auch the time saved we would pass on to our customers: delivery times by only about 1 to 3 working days are possible”-according to the Managing Director. On can be as in a real recording studio, in an impressive way, speaker acoustically compare and merge with music on the virtual mixer. Through a clever workflow, the order is already complete after 3 steps. The announcements can be then, after production, easily the customer Server download.

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