Warren Bennis Strategic

All this also mean, as Warren Bennis, conceived it have ten personal and organizational features that are necessary to build the future: have a dream or vision of the future, take risks, accompanied by criticism, be optimistic, encourage dissent, having high expectations against others, have smell on the future, see things in the long term, understanding and respecting the vested interests, and develop strategic alliances (Bennis, 1989). In other words a manager should bring about great changes to give new purposes and values to the business world, or what is the same, provide an overview different from the world. Vision with which, obviously, must be fully engaged in the action, and not only in the field of mere ideology. In the research work of the academic Enrique Ogliastri leadership organizational in Colombia: A qualitative study, shows the differences between a leader and a simple Manager in Colombia, claiming that the first is strategic, view the set, has long-term vision, working with people, is flexible, ambitious, anticipates, has power, staff and management risk, while the second is operationalIt has a short-term vision, individualistic, inflexible, has normal goals, lives in emergency and is post gives him power. A second challenge for the Manager today is the practice of strategic management. Learn, develop and implement the strategic management technologies is one of the most powerful weapons in today’s competitive world. The respect is important to cite the academic Jorge Ignacio Paz, who in his study planning and strategic management: future of the Colombian company, published in the magazine number 105 of the EAFIT University, says: not interested in both the content of the strategy and its implementation, that this is truly a focused management tool. While the foundation of the strategic attitude is the adaptation to the environment for survival and development purposes, it is not enough to define the business management model.

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