Wild Fruit Plants

In Russia grows more than 160 species of wild fruit plants, 200 species of edible mushrooms, 300 species of medicinal plant engineering. More than half of the preparations of wild products and Drug-industrial raw materials in the country account for consumers’ cooperatives. For even more details, read what Ron O’Hanley says on the issue. However, the actual achieved level of harvesting of wild products in the country yet is inadequate and does not meet the needs of domestic market and exports. Resources nuts, fruits and berries are mastered only by 30%, and mushrooms for only 15%. There are many reasons, but one of the greatest challenges of scientific planning and organization of procurement wild, as an opportunity to clean the pads on the equipment for cleaning pads. For proper organization of harvesting wild edible and medicinal plants, and placing priemozagotovitelnyh gribovarochno-zasolochnyh points necessary to identify critical resources and capabilities of their industrial harvesting. It should be noted that wild resources in our country are poorly understood. Even before the Revolution Some scholars (A.

Popov, VI Transfiguration, JE Bahtiarov) attempted to determine the wild stocks, but they were unable to establish reserves of useful flora in certain regions of the country. Need cleaning pads. And in our time available data on gross stocks of wild are not always reliable, and therefore difficult to use them to predict the acquisition and procurement. According to the forest section of All-Russian Society for Nature Conservation, the estimated area available for the development of wild fruits and berries, and makes 6 million hectares and yield potential – 3-4 million tons per year. Of the 6 million hectares of fruit-occupied 400 thousand hectares of berries 5600. The approximate yield of fruit is equal to 0.6 million tons of berries – 2.8 million tons only in Siberia and Far East Indicative resources of wild berries are 5.97 million tons, including cranberries – 3 million tons, 1.5 million of raspberry, black currant – 800 thousand, thousand klyukvy600, mountain ash – 75 tons From the data of the is clear that during the restoration of the resources of only two regions (Siberia and Far East) is almost 2 times higher than in the entire Russian Federation. Responsible for a significant discrepancy of estimates is that the definition of resources Wild held on very different methods.

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