WISO Television Report

The show “WISO – rip with schufafreies credit” is only part of the truth. In the industry there are many black sheep and the methods used also meet with a reputable bank with incomprehension and annoyance. The show deals with the subjects presented on behalf of the Consumer has the black sheep. But even by companies that act in the addresses of potential loan seekers and interdependence of the various lenders and address dealers. Likewise, itis shown that the prosecution has decided, finally, after years of inaction on investigations against this dubious firm. This step can only welcome any reputable bank only because it is particularly important that there is agreement between customer and bank a relationship of trust. The sign will be compelled, as shown in the broadcast customer contracts and make payments, are not the Geschftsgehbarden a reputable bank. Rather, customers pay after a successful loan handling fee, whose amount, however, alreadyThe run is known. One might therefore a respectable bank recognized by the fact that it is not crowded and somewhat familiar sign. It was also shown that insurance companies had to be completed. The only reasonable assurance, in such a case, a credit balance, both the bank and the credit customer security for all eventualities of life offers. Of course it is understandable that the makers of the program only from the black sheep of the industry report, not to mention that there are also other providers, for a listing of the honest ones would be tantamount surreptitious advertising. ZDF also wanted to protect certain people in the first place and be vigilant to the other was unfortunately forgot to mention, what good can recognize themselves.

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