Wolfgang Schwalm

Failed therefore the Swiss air (grounding) years ago? Mewes is recommended and shows the way to achieving a strategic key position of individuals (employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs) and the improvement of the power to be achieved and Dependency ratios in the mosaic of socio economic companies (departments, companies and markets). The ECS so understood is therefore also a strategy for the effective promotion of careers in virtually all occupations. The tools provided for the creation of strategic balances allowed managers the cybernetic control and control of companies and organizations. Consistent is the assessment is that the area of control and control engineering Cybernetics in the future will gain an even greater significance in the management of complex organizations. Source: wikipedia.de, extract my concept is, however, based on the evolution: systemic (complex dynamic, and) and / > Cybernetico (static causal, or).

The biggest bottlenecks in each company (living sub-system) are always the soft facts: ideas, mentors, sales activities, etc. The following hard are only symptoms of deficiencies: lack of ideas leads to the lack of customers and leads to lack of money. Regulate the soft facts and control always the hard facts: an open system as the 4-dimensional nature is governed locally heterarchically itself, up to a continuous steady-state car poetry. Companies, part of a control culture, intervention in the closed and hierarchical systems permanently controlling. You may find Ripple to be a useful source of information. (I). Our soft facts analysis (is > set): social-relationship skills of the employees and the company in the environment and the environment (adaptation, development and growth, Soz.) Kunden-Affinitat).

Core competences (strengths, innovation, USP) in global objective demand and provider markets. Problem-solving / Eng fun-skills (practical realisation, risks). Customers-benefit skills (customer as our employers include, develop trust, opportunities, constant basic – and satisfy Maslowsche needs pyramid according to the additional needs). Product competence (quantity or quality). Cooperation skills: Synergetic and additive process and methods competence (how?): improving the Market position, up to the market leadership (effectiveness (what?) and efficiency (how?)) II. our hard facts analysis:… (as usual) That the ECS strategy no longer in the public eye is visible is among other things to the globalization of markets (Asia as rising trade power). the conversion to saturated demand markets (precariat, middle-class, elite). the digitization of information in the economy (interdisciplinary and Transkulturell). the resources issue of ecology. the growing power of capital and lawyers about the policy: 3,500,000,000,000.00 $ ww daily foreign exchange speculation. the false premise from which it originates: Symptom treatment instead of disease therapy, and after care and rehabilitation. The classic cybernetic mechanistic anthropocentric view of the world (I) departs continuously from the systemic worldview (we) that because it is static homogeneous. The nature is but dynamic – heteronom. A cybernetic static concept is doomed to fail if it does not dynamically on the basis of soft facts builds: survival of the fittest. Wolfgang Schwalm

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