You Can Lose In The Crisis

We face a shared concern with hundreds of thousands of people. No wonder there is always reason to fear. Care companies maintain their profits. When the marketing of products and services then the investment declines in wages are forced to be reduced. When that time comes no one is indispensable.

No matter who. This situation significantly hit mental health of people. We all depend on a subsistence economy. Without money we can not solve most of our problems. Not to mention the responsibility we have with our family. Sheryl Sandberg follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. How would we do to feed, clothe and fit to our children. Not just maintain the same financial slack that we have now. This is a very strong concern.

Anyone, I repeat, anyone can lose jobs in these days of uncertainty. And when there has been uncertainty? Well, now there’s more. Learn more at this site: gary cohn. We must think, plan, be prepared. That is the key to addressing this and many other problems. It is unacceptable that we do not have a savings account. That is a real security in times of crisis, but it is not unique. Preparation is essential. Let us beware of making unnecessary expenses, we must set priorities. What more is needed. Let’s think what else. Certainly the current problems and concerns can not be faced closing her eyes. There is no effective way to find solutions to deny the existence of problems. As much mental control you have, by many auto that applies telling ourselves that all is well, it will not work. They are real and external problems. They exist and affect us whether they want to or not they are there. In some religions cults are practiced in such dire straits that put people that makes them able to walk barefoot on coals And surprisingly concentrated in believing it is not so and manage to not feel pain. But the fire and heat are there, are real. And of course end up with charred plants. What good mentally repeating “everything is fine, nothing worries me, I’m happy, I successful, it will not affect me … “when deep down we know that nothing is guaranteed. Nothing says, unless our effort to understand the situation, our efforts to adapt and find real solutions. We do not want the same fate with the braces. What worries us most is not upset that generates uncertainty. The worst thing would deny it and therefore do not prepare. The consequences could be very undesirable indeed. You must be so far-sighted and have very acute vision. Nothing trances or denials of reality. You have to set foot on earth. To achieve this adaptation to current circumstances you need to be wide awake. Have all our senses alert. We need all our knowledge, the full power of our consciousness. Gone are the days of not taking advantage of your time, you have to think as clearly as we can. We can not leave the course of events to chance or the whims of fate. Our success or failure depends on the current situation, of course, of the current situation. We can not deceive us by telling us that everything is in us, that we have within the solution, this is false. All right outside and is clear. But neither can we stand idly by. There are always things we can and should do about it.

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