32 Percent Cheers Discount At HappyFoto

HappyFoto celebrates 32-jahriges anniversary with 32prozent cheers discount with the combination of low price and HappyFoto supplies its customers with optimal quality a price / performance ratio that is second to none. The Buzzword at HappyFoto called “Premium development” and on down the line. Our customers pay by prepayment or credit card, but only after receiving the images if they are generally satisfied with the delivery”, says Bernhard Kittel, Managing Director of HappyFoto. “The paper makes all the difference HappyFoto used photo paper in a single quality level – the best that is currently available on the market: Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper Supreme”. The colors of the images, it gets significantly better than other photo papers.

Under normal conditions, i.e. when storing the photos in an album, Fuji even talks about 100 years light fastness. Health economics expert brings even more insight to the discussion. In addition, HappyFoto uses to the premium photo paper for all photo orders to get a special image enhancement software to the best of the images. Hardcover photo book what formerly the painstakingly crafted photo album was the most modern and attractive photo book is today. The best quality and at the same time price optimal solution offers the photo book in the durable hardcover binding with elaborately bound inside. The high quality of processing makes the hardcover photo book, a precious gem in the Bookshelf.

Thus remain the fondest memories for decades backed up and are always at hand. echtFotobuch the noble echtFotobuch is the Crown of all photo books and is at least as reputable as an elaborately designed photo album. The book consists of real photos on photo paper, and is the ultimate in sharpness of detail, color rendition and brilliance. Available is the echtFotobuch both the landscape and portrait by especially Pan aroma images achieve a sensational effect. Action only valid in Austria: company info: HappyFoto is Austria’s leading company in the photo Dropship. Currently 100% owned by the family coat operation is successful in more than 30 years Photo preparation by postal mail working. Today, the company offers a wide range of services and products around the photo. Steady growth, uncompromising quality commitment and consistent advocacy for effective environmental protection from the outset has HappyFoto to a model plant and trendsetter of the industry are. HappyFoto serves the markets in the Czech Republic and of Slovakia in addition to the home market in Austria. The ever-growing number of over 500,000 clients puts the company on a solid, secure and sustainable basis. Contact: Happy-foto GmbH Marcus Strasse 8-10 4240 Freistadt-Tel: + 43 7942 76200 E-Mail:

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