Andean Community

You have the impression me that, in the end, the Summit is deflated. Unlike what we thought at the beginning, that we were going to differentiate us from the previous ones, he said in remarks to the national coordinator of Radio (CNR). Velit Granda pointed out that this meeting constituted, in his view, only a scenario of reconciliations and general conclusions without fixed deadlines. This Summit has served to mend fences between the Governments, but the conclusions have been General. There is no real time-bound commitments, he noted. Likewise, the analyst said that the proposals submitted by the different leaders to combat poverty and other problems in the neediest countries in Latin America, were forgotten. There is no real commitments.

The proposals that were made as the (President’s) Alan Garcia of applying a tax to the barrel of oil that is sold to a reforestation Fund, passed without a trace and without becoming a real commitment. Similarly, the Fund against poverty which proposed the establishment of (Hugo) Chavez, of a million dollars daily, went without being taken into consideration, lamented. However, said otherwise in reference to the issue of climate change, where said yes there were commitments of the leaders to appease the serious damage that has brought both in Latin America and Europe. I think that if there are commitments by climate change. There yes because developed countries will also be affected, but more Latin America there if it seems that there was a most enthusiastic position, believed. Velit said that the main objectives of the V EU-LAC Summit were overshadowed by political differences for wizards Governments, and the great reception that took it, which generates that discussions become more general and less effective. When the summits have too much attendance they become more inefficient. Agendas become more general, and consequently less effective also. When there are political differences, positions and approaches they will become different and even conflicting, it stated definitively, the V summit of the countries of Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union (LAC-EU) ended with the signing of the Declaration of Lima, which among other things, emphasizes the political priority that concluded the negotiations of the European Union’s association agreements with the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) and Central America.

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