Atlantic Ocean

Until the present moment, the subjects argued between the ambient speakers had turned on: Pollution of the water; Pollution of the ground; Atmospheric pollution; Sonorous pollution; Native wood apprehension of Atlantic Mata and the Caatinga in Pernambuco; Destination of the electronic garbage; The combat to the deforestation in caatinga; Auto-they esteem of the worker and its relation with the Environment; Ambient programs and Projects in the schools and the communities; Deforestation and the illegal production of coal in Tip of the mountain range in the city of Petrolina- FOOT; Discovery of garbage spot in the Atlantic Ocean; Municipal ONGs and agencies: Its contributions for protection of the Environment; State agencies: Its responsibilities for protection of the Environment; Federal agencies: Its responsibility for protection of the Environment; Destination of carcasses of animals, amongst others. Moreover, the related block served as half of spreading of III the Municipal Conference of Environment in Garanhuns, of III the Pertaining to school Competition of Ambient Education, beyond other events of local prominence, regional and national. FINAL CONSIDERAES the impacts of an ambient radiofnico block of this type, for times, are sufficiently difficult to be mensurados, since the consequent concrete actions of the public listener in relation to the environment depend on evaluation of changes of attitudes and. As the block follows the basic premises of the EA and, being thus, it is part of a process that, to the long time, has for objective to change arraigados behaviors our culture, is of if waiting that any previous result is positive. The least, some informal and prompt manifestations of some listeners are of air, a time that the block is not opened to the public participation, took us it the questioning of this performance of the listener as form of previous concretion of the process of the EA.

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