Challenge Adventure Agency GmbH

Events Advertising Coaching Multi-path Consulting Market research Sailevents Artists Agency Locations * the challenge experience agency GmbH is a versatile partner for events and services in the coaching and event area. We design events and emotionalize messages based on target group analysis. Event management and event marketing planning, organization and execution costing, budgeting and sponsorship permits and insurance location planning event technology and decoration supervisory coordination and reduction programming and scheduling guest and VIP support coaching target groups team management sales thematic focus communication personality development motivation and development of team sales self creativity and conflict management authentic running and managing diversity trade fair and event service hire stage, light and sound equipment, furniture, toys, decoration, Multi way logistics services promotion, trade fair and event staff, security, catering, tableware cleaning, etc. Entertainment Agency of artists of all genres, booking, staging children’s entertainment worlds, children programs, exclusive sailing events events, incentives, product presentation team training & customer loyalty film boats & adventure tours match races / corporate regattas cupper & racer VIP lounges and Charter ships transfers, accommodation & catering framework programmes: E.g. water-skiing, Fireworks, private acts, musicians, support our goal is to achieve the best result for the customer, this is located us on a sustainable effect. We are only satisfied if our client is thrilled. An event conducted by us seeks an impact also in the way that the sales or efficiency increase of the customers clearly exceeds the investment. Through the cooperation with professional partners in different areas, we are able to offer all services of very high quality.

The cooperation with these partners is always in mutual interest and partnership.

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