Checking For Counterfeit Software

Fairly long period when the store could be at 80 rubles to buy a cd with a selection of programs, total cost of thousands of dollars, has played with us all a cruel joke. For some reason we tend to think that acquiring cd we buy all of its contents, and can do with it what pleases us – to use, copy, distribute, etc. Meanwhile, the software is a copyright ownership and copyright and is protected by law 3523-1 On the Legal Protection of Software and Databases" and the law 5351-1 On Copyright and Related Rights". Using the software provide third parties is possible only with the consent of the copyright holder. Permit software developers to use their products made in the form "License Agreement", which determines the amount of transmitted user rights, including the right to use, make copies and distribute. When software is sold for money, in reality it is not sold by itself, but the license for it use. Copyright and ownership of the program itself remains with the developer, the property buyer to transfer only tangible media on which the program covers (disks). Using software without authorization is illegal. Article 146 of the Professional Code "Infringement of Copyright and Related Rights" provides some very nasty penalties for illegal use of facilities copyright. This is either a fine of up to 200,000 rubles or the salary of the convicted person for a period of 18 months, or compulsory work for a period of 180 to 240 hours, or by imprisonment for up to 2 years (part 2).

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