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Many companies use personal couriers, Moscow, spending on them for about 18 tr per month, although the carrier does not a steady job and most of the time sitting in the office, sit back and eat up. Just want to note that the courier does not be held responsible, since in many cases not officially working. These companies are primarily at risk and trying to minimize costs and oblivious to the fact that it is necessary to take into account several factors of work: Payment of travel on public transport, mobile payment, and no one is immune from that carrier or ill will in his session will break at the most mobile or not the right time at the employee will Urgent urgent matters. In such cases, forced to lay off employees or take an additional carrier, for hedging or wait for it to appear, wasting precious time and nerves. There is an alternative to personal courier – express courier delivery! Courier Service provides timely, guaranteed delivery service of documents, goods, flowers, gifts, invitations, promotional materials, magazines, bills and contracts. And geography covering areas of delivery courier companies much more than a personal courier. The same courier service shall be responsible for the administration of the contract.

I want to give some examples of the benefits of private courier services courier companies: A situation arises when an urgent need to deliver the documents at different points: – a personal courier can not break, so dress up someone to wait in the situations are usually blamed for the Secretary. – Courier delivery service can perform a complete such tasks as the state average of 30 courier service employees. An urgent need to bring documents in the Moscow region: – Personal Courier takes the papers and go, disappearing for a day, although there is still a lot of jobs. And as always in such cases, blame the secretary. – Courier service also travels and delivers documents in the area, but any time you can order another courier. It is necessary to produce and deliver the targeted delivery of the order of 100 accounts at the beginning of the month: – a personal courier will deliver the event of a successful scenario addresses for 5-6 days, but can not perform the current job. Although in many cases severely attributed to the date of delivery of the original invoice in the contract. – Courier service can make such a small volume of 1 day and submit the original signatures of the recipients to contacts received.

Need to pick up and carry pouch delivery of Christmas gifts or flowers on March 8 the most valuable customers: – personal courier will not be able to bring to the office of a large number of gifts he can take a maximum of 5 items and do not know in what form they come. – Courier Service comes, will take all items directly from the warehouse, shop or office will pack carefully and professionally, to make and stick stickers on them, efficiently and professionally produce a delivery of gifts or flowers recipients and, in the end will provide a report in electronic and paper form. In the end, I would like to add that it is better to work with a professional company responsible for the contract than with an individual. If you are not able to convince my article, or if you have any questions requested to contact the courier service, you will try to help.

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