Destination Training With The Ebam Academy

Start compact ebam summer academies in Munich and Berlin starting early July offers their comprehensive courses for marketing and management in the industries of music, media, event and culture as compact summer academies the ebam Academy in Munich and Berlin. Especially in economically strained times, workers who educate themselves on their own initiative, provide a positive signal: I want that I myself personally evolve and that my company benefited professionally from me. Therefore the ebam Academy, we offer the possibility, our comprehensive training courses as a compact summer academies to complete and at least a part of own leave for training to use. “, emphasizes ebam CEO Georg Loffler. Employees from marketing departments and event agencies and independent event managers demonstrates the Summer Academy event manager /-in (ebam) “, as events to the marketing of a company make use of and designed as cultural or sports events, funded, implemented and prepared. Like the Music marketing and management in the era of online-download platforms and video communities like YouTube works, taught the course music business manager /-in (ebam) “.” The participants will learn to organize concerts and tours and to procure for bands, to see through the legal framework of the music business, to understand the nature of the event and sound technology and market tape or CD productions of traditional media such as newspapers and radio as well as on the Internet.

Who would like to specialize solely on the music, but also for cultural activities such as exhibitions, theatre festivals and dance performances, an audience and partners want to win, which demonstrates the course of cultural managers /-in (ebam) “modern methods of cultural marketing.” The three five-week summer academies each start on July 5th, 2010 in Munich and Berlin. August 9, 2010, the course shows online-marketing manager /-in (ebam) “in Munich three weeks, how the Internet across industry as” Marketing tool can be used. It comes to plan a meaningful site appearance and fashion, to bring the own home page in the results of search engines to the top, to cooperate with other website providers and to use social communities such as MySpace or Facebook for brand communication. There is more information on or 089 / 54 88 47 91.

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