Efficient Process Management With WissIntra

With WissIntra 6.2, the k + k information services from Fellbach offers an integrated management system for process-oriented quality and knowledge management. Process-oriented quality management becomes increasingly more important that a transparent process documentation and a living quality system are competitive advantages and preconditions for a stable development of the company. WissIntra offers an attractive solution for process documentation, the action and the audit management as an integrated management system. Through the clear definition of business goals, structures, responsibilities, and processes within the framework of the continuous improvement process, new requirements and business processes are recorded and sustainable anchored in the company.In addition to a simple user interface and an internal notification system WissIntradie opportunity to define process and document sharing Workflowsfrei. Only after the final release by process adjustments and documents the publication takes place on a second, stand-alone Publication level. Do your employees know your business processes? Depending on the industry and size the work casseroles of a company can be very complex: the core and supporting processes that serve the value creation are manifold. Responsibilities and competencies, run across departmental boundaries and work processes across.

Who wants to continuously improve processes, must understand therefore the own processes and understand. With the WissIntra process manager can you understand and clearly make your off. The tabular representation of processes, the easy integration of any documents, and the operation, create a quick access to information and greatly improve the structuring of processes. The company knowledge is tangible and visible for all employees. aftsprozesse describe your process knowledge detailed and searchable? The P-card WissIntra is the central institution of knowledge for your company. Her every single Prozesschritt can be described in detail me. All documents, directories, Programs, checklists, and forms are available through them. Responsibilities, features and information for the implementation of a process are available from the Prozesschritt.

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