Emergency Anticrisis

Up last Monday an emergency eu summit. Under the name of the summit can be understood that the eu countries together to solve economic problems, how to stabilize the economy and take the necessary measures to resolve the crisis, as the name implies – emergency measures. But here's the problem, the countries of Eastern Europe just for the crisis have asked for money, not much is not enough, 190 billion euros. Yes this is the Marxist to overcome the crisis must ask for money. Look at what the countries of Eastern Europe – it's Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, etc. ie all those countries that have been adopted in the eu to have at least some pressure on Russia.

But to give money when everything in the economy is good – it one thing, but when they themselves are drowning, it's not up to it. That seemed to help and not denied, but money is not given. Good word – also help. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the Baltic countries were factories, which employed mostly Russian-speaking population. After the pro-Western policies of these plants mainly pozakryvalis and left this country with nothing, with only one datatsiyami from the eu.

Here comes the global crisis. France, Britain and Germany support of his producer, and that – the election is around the corner, and the electorate should not get him angry. And Eastern European countries think that they are in the same boat sailing, and the lessons of history to remember did not want. Although distort history beyond recognition they have already. Old Europe does not give money, that Russia may have to ask? If Eastern Europe collapsed, defaulted, then – this is not the worst thing that Europe faces global crisis. Responsible for the country which first invited to European Union, and now refuse to help, well, that Russia has in this not have to blame. By the way, Austria has offered to help with money, but nobody supported and it was quiet. We are witnessing a split in Europe, the middle spring we will probably see how deep the crisis. Bottom of the crisis no one has yet reached, and the exit is not visible. Throwing money in the next few years, nobody in Europe will not, Russia will stand up and drop our neighbors who were left without support, we'll see. Here we observe democratic eu policy. And and South Ossetia do not want to take. The conclusion from all these statements, that is really serious crisis, or as it is in the west called the 'epidemic of the economic crisis', Europe is going to such extreme measures, so we still have to wait and nothing good is worth.

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