Meanwhile, competitors are already selling a new product or service. Another way – use html to create documents, their structure and organization of links between documents. This is a great deal of work for the programmer, the burden on the budget and again lost in time, which turns into a loss of customers. Some marketers are attempting to form a disk is simply a collection of files, allowing the user to download the most necessary. But such a product is generally difficult to identify the advertising drive, since it has no common envelope and makes the prospect of the deal in the pile of documents, which he probably will not do. This review articulates the problem: you need a software product that allows you to generate advertising drives, providing them with convenient and attractive shell, the package of documents for viewing by the user.

The product should be easy to learn, to give to rapidly change the contents of the disc, to introduce elements to it corporate identity, graphics, presentations, demos. Formed drive should be easy to navigate, and the materials used in the package could be prepared without the involvement of specialists, but would be able to switch and professionally prepared promotional materials. An important requirement for such a product should be its quick payback. Such a product exists – is a software package PromoPack Developed by 3DMind. PromoPack – designer advertising drive, or e-catalog with which you collect your drive, as a designer. The only method that is used in the design – Drag & Drop (drag and throw). You create a menu in a view that sees your potential buyer, and then drag and drop files from Explorer to be run or displayed if the user selects corresponding menu item. The result you can always control, PromoPack show you the drive is a view that the user will see.

PromoPack saves files in your package as a working version, and also forms the final variant adware disk or electronic catalog, providing its executable file. Ie You can make changes in the working version, without losing the previous final release discs. PromoPack allows you to place a graphic header – the banner. As a banner can be used specifically to create your brand image, and just a photograph in a format jpeg. Professional version allows PromoPack inclusion in the package banner – video demo versions of software products. In PromoPack can use files that you create using familiar Office applications, as well as materials prepared by the designers – html documents, images, jpeg, bmp. PromoPack allows the use of purchaser of new products and services of your company. All changes in your business should immediately be reflected on the drive or directory. With PromoPack you are armed and can respond quickly to changed circumstances, to make additions, changes, rebuild the drive, drawing the user's attention on those aspects or positions on which you would like to focus his attention. How many of your customers will receive inaccurate information about your proposals and how interested the information of competitors, as long as you agree with the web-designers to amend your ad drive? And finally, the return on investment product. Here PromoPack advantage is obvious. Money spent on the purchase of a software package PromoPack, not costs, and investments. You invest in marketing, promotion, investing in revenue-generating tool with the first issue of your disk. Calculate your costs An illustrated catalog, brochures, flyers, design services for creating electronic catalogs, to amend them. The conclusion is obvious.

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