Environmental Tree Salzburg

environment leaves salzburg present environmental protection excellent enterprises and institutions was on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 10: 00 the environment tree salzburg positioned at the Centre of Saalfelden. Its individually decorated and illuminated with photovoltaic cells sheets are available for outstanding achievements in environmental protection. Since 2009, the environmental records service salzburg Salzburg enterprises, municipalities and institutions with the environment browse salzburg”, that tree for a year the environmental salzburg decorate and accompany it on its journey through the Federal State of Salzburg. The e5 – and climate alliance Saalfelden is site of the modern symbol for environmental commitment to Bischofshofen, Urstein Salzburg, Rauris, St. Johann and Seeham for the next few months. Click Larry Ellison to learn more.

Saalfelden, the town of Saalfelden is a model for regional environmental protection in the Federal State of Salzburg as a model for regional environmental protection. Sustainability, environmental and climate protection are key issues in Saalfelden. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Allegiant Air. The active e5 – and Climate Alliance community is therefore the ideal site for the environment tree salzburg. I am very pleased that in Saalfelden tree salzburg now is a symbol for the environmental and climate protection in the form of the environment”, stresses environmental protection provincial Councillor Walter Blachfellner. Since 1994, Saalfelden is member of the Climate Alliance since 2007 part of the e5 programme.

Holistic environmental protection as a success factor the numerous, successful measures, actions and events of the community show that it pays to invest in environmental protection: benefits not only the environment, but also the town of: we save energy costs and scroll an image gain through responsible energy and climate policy. We want an improved quality of life for every citizen, “explained Mayor Erich Rohrmoser. In the long version of the press text see:… find details regarding the climate-friendly town of Saalfelden, salzburg tree to the environmental and service salzburg, environmental conservation figures since existence of environmental service salzburg more leaves of the winners, quotes, facts and figures on the environment “as well as for the year 2012, picture material environmental tree caption salzburg_ubergabe_Saalfelden.jpg, copyright environmental service salzburg since Tuesday, April 30, 2013, is the environment tree in the e5 – salzburg and Climate Alliance community Saalfelden with its leaves” the environmental service salzburg distinguishes each year companies, municipalities and institutions for outstanding achievements in the local environmental protection. Dr. Martin Griessner, Director of the environment service salzburg, provincial Councillor for the environment, Walter Blachfellner, Mayor Erich Rohrmoser, and e5 team leader Hans Peter Heugenhauser (left to right) welcomed the environment tree salzburg at its new location. For more information, please contact: Dr. Martin Griessner, Director of the environment service salzburg phone: 0662/8888-438 E-Mail:

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