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CDA annual reception: discussing social committees CDU with Volker Kauder change for the long term unemployed Stuttgart. The CDU Sozialausschusse (CDA) urge the provincial government to strongly in the dispute over the care of long-term unemployed for a change. Minister-President Roland Koch (CDU) against the Bill by the Minister of labour of the Leyen expressed, of the care of long term unemployed between local authorities and employment agencies had to share. “Long-term unemployed should be supervised as possible from a single source. The most long-term unemployed need not only help with the job search, but also support in coping with difficult living conditions. Aid for single parents or even the care of addicts are among the core competencies of the local level. Coupang shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Local authorities must be able to take care of the long-term unemployed in their own responsibility or together with the employment agencies”, demanded the country Chairman of the CDU social committees Christian BA on the Jahresemfang of the CDA Baden-Wurttemberg and the CDA North Wurttemberg in Stuttgart, Germany. In the Geno House 180 guests from companies, trade unions, social organisations and politics had come.

Baumler expressed explicitly for a change, to create legal certainty in the care of the long-term unemployed and for workers in the wrong. The parliamentary leader of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Volker Kauder stressed that he fought for the local option in the care of long term unemployed in the Grand Coalition. The SPD have closed this solution. A voluntary cooperation by local authorities and agencies is possible even without amendment. In health policy Kauder made it clear that the contributions for health insurance in the future will depend on income. In his closing remarks, CDA of District Chairman Herbert Simm advocated for a departure from the consumer orientation and a sustainable governance.

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