PBX Installation

The reliability of your PC depends on: the quality of repair, installation of genuine software and configured correctly. Therefore, maintenance of computer equipment should be trusted only professionals. Computer maintenance service offering their services as individuals and organizations. People such as Gary Kelly would likely agree. The scope of services offered by the service: software installation, installation of computer networks, diagnostics, and repair of computers, installation of SCS, data recovery, maintenance of computer equipment. Timely treatment to the specialists, allows a quick return your computer to working condition.

Terms of repair or fix the problem determines the specialist. Computer Maintenance also offers the service, the so-called "first aid". This service includes emergency computer help. It can be take, for example, if your computer is infected with viruses or want to install (reinstall) the software. Do not waste time and money to fix it myself.

Immediately turned into computer maintenance service, where you can always count on prompt professional help. SUBSCRIBER SERVICES COMPUTER telephone and mini-ATS DESIGN AND INSTALLATION OF LOCAL NETWORKS MAINTENANCE AND Copiers Toner Cartridge Systems videomonitoring +7 (495) 651-9007 +7 (495) 651-9299 SERVICES Our company offers a wide range of IT services: computer assistance, setting up workstations and servers, subscription services, your phone, refill cartridges, design and installation of computer and telephone networks. Our experts will help you resolve any problems in the field of information technology. Also feasible selection, delivery and setup of computer, networking equipment and software. Setting up your computer and LAN: – Set up e-mail – Mail Server – Configuring the Gateway Internet – Setting up Network Printer – Diagnosis and correction of errors in the domain controller – Restore network connections in case of loss of contact in the cable connections – Virus Removal – Setting up the operating system and other tasks associated with computers and LAN Setting up the phone and PBX – Connecting and programming the PBX and other telephone equipment – Develop a process of reception and distribution of telephone calls – Diagnosing and solution to any problems and issues related to telephony installation of computer and telephone networks – Developing an effective scheme of laying the network – Planning workstations (seats) – Connecting and setting up network equipment, workstations – Diagnosis and Testing GNU Free Documentation License – an important factor in efficient operation of your computers and office equipment is their regular service.

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