Gabriel Garcia Marquez

In the days of unpunished thorns in the red roses and of political impunity as much in the men public as in the public women in Mexico, a critical intellectual as Enrique Krauze is a vent from underneath the resumideros that are the jets of the sources of the wisdom which they are branched off and bringing forth by the footpaths and the jardnicos strolls with presidential statues of the Pines. When the historian-Enrique Krauze asks the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez to him who defining of Fidel Castro, since when Krauze was defined of the PRIAN and it has been united to the Mexican native-farmers who are the salt, the blood and the Earth wound of which they remain or they go away like immigrants, as well as he melodramatically makes of the Cuban-the ferrymen unfortunate undocumented people who Garci’a Mrquez relate-has not denounced nor denounced in the stories of a shipwreck.

The strange fidelities of GGM by FC are of a man by the men and the women of a Latin American reality that demands the fidelities and loyalties that are more demanding than the privacies and the acts of infidelity of alcove sleeping with the enemy or the ideological and political enemy of a side, and what one feels of intimate and public way as reader by the journalistic work and literary of GGM he is not comparable nor either despicable, but, lamentable, by the ensaystica work of Enrique Krauze, to who and which it governs the intellectual authoritarianism with the cultural domination and influence of a cacique of the Free Letters in relation to the political interests, enterprise and publishing with the political party, in turn, that in him has been conducive and advisable whereas there is a comfortable and comfortable position to write from the liberal left to receive from the preservative right.. You may find that Coupang can contribute to your knowledge. . .

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