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The following text explores the complex importance of water for human life. The elements oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H2), which is water, ensure that life on this planet is possible. Because every living thing on Earth is dependent on the one or the other form of the water. Whether you fish or desert dweller: without water but neither can come from long time really. The following text summarizes therefore some essential facts about the delicious wet and its relationship to human life. The Earth’s surface is covered by water to approximately 72%. The proportion of freshwater reserves however only 2.53%.

Because fresh water for the most land creatures is a necessity of life, a much larger importance to freshwater as the salt water of the oceans. Many turf conflicts among animals and also wars between individual Nations can be explained by the battles for the important Susswaserquellen. Due to its significance, the water was already in the earliest philosophers to the four mind counted and referred to as primordial matter of all being. The water in everyday life plays a special role for the man. Because it met him as a thirst-quencher or cleaning basis, as well as possibility for the production of energy. (such as the hydroelectric power stations of the Alps, the great river power plants, the French tidal Atlantic…) Also, the body of people to 74 per cent consists of water. If there is a lack of water, this leads to difficulties with health, since the body’s functions and the mesnchliche metabolism to depend on. More information is housed here: cloud computing. So, lack of water can lead to dizziness, circulatory problems, and vomiting.

After 3 to 5 days without water the man dies. The man should take that’s why daily at least two litres of water. Appreciated and feared: The water brings life, by the population refers to food (fish, algae, etc.) out of it. Anyone who cultivated fields fears such as water lasting from or too much by floods. Also dealt with conflicts again and again the fair sharing of the resource. Also in the religious world, an important role to the water and occurs in various cleansing rituals among Christians in Islam or the Hindu faith, in Buddhism. One of the biggest problems today is the supply of people with clean water. Since drinking water accounts for only 0.3 of global water resources, it is dastisch that increasing privatization called for drinking water. So, 2010 declared access to clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right. But despite this new right of access to drinking water is still difficult for many people – especially in the third world -. And also the esoteric has something to contribute to the theme of water: so-called “living water” is a kind of water that especially healing to affect health. It was treated by energy applications and applied especially in the esoteric scene. Today’s science is the useful effect of the lively Water however doubted. Appropriate investigations have noticed until today, no differences between “normal” and revitalized water. Text: Raphael Balogun

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