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Many people if come across with the fact of that the projected expenditures always are surpassed. This happens, generally, because the budget of expenditures was elaborated in incomplete way. It agrees to remember a basic principle: without careful planning, our expenses will be always bigger of what we imagine. A person can have a well elaborated budget, without bigger difficulties with the projections of income and expenditures and still thus face serious problems in the administration of its accounts. This happens when a temporary dissolution of marriage between income and expenditure exists.

The person can have a compatible annual income with its expenditure. However, in determined months, the income is lesser of what the expenditure and in others happen the opposite. In this in case that, she is necessary that the person has, beyond the budget, a projection of entrances and money exits, month the month throughout the year. It would be its budget of box. Before making a budget, they must be considered its financial objectives. The first step must be the definition of these objectives. To change the car, to buy the proper house, to make a trip or to pay to all the debts they are some examples. For this, it is important that the person or family is realistic.

Therefore probably it will not be possible to reach, at a first moment, all the objectives that always are dreamed. Being thus, it is necessary to identify the goals clearly and to decide which they are most valuable. The secret for the personal financial success is composed for three well simple things: planning, disciplines and balance, that is, is necessary to plan, to balance the gift with the future, and to have disciplines to follow what it was planned. She is necessary also to be prepared for changes. Very probably the desires and necessities will move throughout the time.

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