The new exterior: more athletic, more muscular, 100% new ZEl more dynamic style of the 2009 370Z offers dual benefits: an aspect more aggressive as well as a more lightweight and compact structure to improve performance. The wheelbase of the new Z is nearly 100 mm shorter that the previous generation of the Z (2,550 mm compared to the previous 2,650 mm), a reduction that has been achieved by the displacement of the rear wheels forward in this second generation FM platform, while the total length has been reduced by 70 mm (passed 4,320 mm to 4,250 mm). At the same time, the total width has been increased by 330 mm, while the rear track width has grown 55 mm. The more compact exterior dimensions and the increased use of lightweight materials have helped to reduce weight; on the other hand has been significantly strengthened the body structure to improve their rigidity. In addition to its new structure and its new port, the 370Z has a new line, which despite having a completely new look, absolutely is Z. The exterior design incorporates, intentionally, the 240Z style strokes: an elegant shape and aerodynamics, a feeling of dynamic movement thanks to its eye-catching descending roof (reminiscent of the style of the Nissan GT-R) and a low center of gravity visual.

The elegant lateral aspect of the 370Z is marked by the ascending design of rear window which harmonizes with the style of the rear flap. The attention to detail and functionality is also evident in the exterior design, which includes integrated side turn signal in the logo Z situated between the front wheel and the door. The interior of the 370Z: the conductor in the Centre of the interior design of the new 370Z Accionel continues the tradition of the models Z increase driving pleasure in any road or traffic conditions. Special attention to the quality of materials and finishes setting has also paid.

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