One perceives that to raise synergy it enters the sectors of a company, is basic that the organization possesss a good structure of communication. After all, the interaction and integration depend on the communication, based in this, it can be affirmed that it does not advance to have good employees, structure and material, if the communication not to flow for a common objective. For Chiavenato (2005, P. 314), ' ' the organization functions as a cooperation system by means of which the people interact between itself using the communication to share objectives comuns' '. That is, without communication the organization does not have as to survive, therefore the importance and the necessity to develop a process of efficient communication that evidences the internal relations. In an efficient organization, the communication motivates the collaborators to act in the certain way and in the certain time, searching to reach objectives frequently and making a performance auto-evaluation, beyond stating the satisfaction and/or insatisfao of the people. For Lacombe (2005) the information takes the team for a correct taking of decision. This happens, therefore a good communication starts for the capacity to hear, to understand what another one desires to communicate, to know to interpret it longs for.

Is also to know to be silent at moment certain to be available to listen to the interlocutor giving to it all attention. So that the work environment if does not transform into a place indesejado for the employees, is necessary to speak and is basic to hear, in view of that the communication is essential element for maintenance of the relations in the organizations. The good communication is stimulated by hearing, what it leaves the company most pleasant and it constructs a reliable relation, productive and without noises. It must be emphasized that the communication has that to be guided by processes that keep its functioning in order to value the work in team, the responsibility and the creation of new and efficient forms to work.

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