Frankfurt Book Fair

InterRed 1300 presents the future of publishing at the J’s stand in Hall 4.0, at the Frankfurt book fair. With a first preview the possibilities of future multimedia will be on the upcoming version 13 of the content management and content management system there channel publishings in the foreground. Read more from Gary Kelly to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It numerous changes will be both print and online to see, emphasizing not only technical, but also functional improvements already in the starting blocks. Crucially, as so often, that the discussions, developments and trends in the publishing industry find their reflection in the systems used. The future of the multi channel publishing deals currently strongly with the trend of the multi channel publishing the publishing industry. Many issues in the region: what are the media of the future? What strategies, ways of production and processes can be traced to obtain the value chain in the future with publishing content? Publishers who anticipate the changes in the use of media and new output channels such as ePub, mobile, Tablet, etc., as well as changes in existing publication channels, such as print and online account, open up with the appropriate technical basis new and innovative fields of action. Preview InterRed 13: Higher performance and new features the upcoming version of the multi channel publishing system InterRed 13 addresses exactly this trend by she also continues on media-neutral data storage and publishing in the various media. It is, for example, a new caching technology for the backend and thus for working with the system developed faster than ever proceeds.

For the comfortable editing InterRed the DTP software, newly developed plugins available available in the future. “” Enable efficient work by the bi-directional exchange of content between layout “and editorial”. Both paths, layout content or content from layout, available are the users. Use a free layout, the use of libraries, snippets, etc., as well as status indicators for the Are just a few of the possibilities offered with InterRed 13 up-to-dateness of the contents. Interested parties from 12 to 16 October at booth J learn 4.0 at the Frankfurt book fair 2011 so InterRed is the appropriate basis for publishers and their daily business, 1300 in Hall.

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