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Free current accounts in many places offered if they are really free is often not clear free accounts are offered by many banks, but often provided conditions for the free use of an account. Consider all conditions so, before opening an account, to study the fine print. Sometimes there is a minimum which must enter monthly on the account before the account is free, and sometimes the account actually free, but the use of the EC card is not. A comparison of several checking accounts gives you clarity on what fits the best to one and is advisable in any case. Most want to save money, for a checking account is not suitable but that credit brings hardly any interest. So anyone who wants to enrich its financial cushion should choose a checking account, which you can use to open a day money account at the same time. On a day money account to get much better interest rates, with which you can enrich his savings.

Giro is the Italian word for circulation on a checking account to move money. The current account is the account to which salary is paid, from which periodic payments, such as rent or mortgage payments, are made and from which you will cash for your daily needs. You can open current accounts private account, it is but also as business account available. There is also a special current accounts for students. There are various types of savings accounts available for those who want to save money. The traditional form of savings account, as she also still there, is the so-called savings account.

Actually, it is a book which is obtained and in which all the transactions are recorded. It is very ensure you have but all or personally to make withdrawals at the Bank. Usually, you have limited access to the money, usually about 2000 euros monthly. Nowadays, this variant was largely replaced by the day money account. A day money account will be opened in conjunction with a checking account and offers the advantage that it not restricted access to his money has, but every day can have his money. Who can dispense a while a savings contribution is particularly well served by a fixed deposit account. In contrast to other savings accounts, the interest for the entire term remain firmly here, but the money is in the meantime also it does not have access to during the agreed period. But, because you almost borrowed his money at the Bank during this time, interest rates are high. This is especially rewarding when one has saved already a certain sum. But now, how free is a free checking account? As mentioned above, accounting may be free, but any conditions so connected or but additional services or the overdraft interest rates can be even more expensive. You should so compare first of all various banks between them before opening a current account and in any case for a checking account decide from which you regularly transfer money to a day money account can. As means to leave in a while free checking account to give money on the other hand, the Bank. On a good financial comparison website, such as for example you will find an overview on many financial institutions. Here you can compare easily the possibilities and open his account directly online. Mark Maffia

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