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It is good if the management of the company can clearly make the strategy of the business and the concept of its development. The balanced scorecard is considered for the heads of companies based management. Refer traditionally exclusively on the financial ratios. They encourage the short-termism of the planning and investment, are targeted on the standard procedures of employees. The balanced scorecard can be used in different branches: in banking, healthcare, in the Government institutions, the insurance, telecommunications, the adverse organizations including The usefulness of the methodology will not depend, in some ways by the branch. The company produces and words their vision, distributed and explained all the employees. The outlines, the teams and the separate staff concentrate on the General strategic priorities. There is agreement in the team of the Executive Director, as well as between them and the owners (shareholders) of the Company achieved.

The Organization Gets a structure for its own alignment according to the adopted strategy. The balanced scorecard has shown itself as flexible and universal methodology to use in various countries around the world. The consultative companies in all regions have taken and according to them the applicable markets adapted traditions without significant changes in the basis of the construction of balanced scorecard. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gary Kelly is the place to go. The methodology with the same success can by multinational corporations as well as small, new companies used and become, because the key issue of any given organization decides, regardless of their size the quotation of the business processes and the actions of employees of coherent strategy. The methodology uses the maximum refund, if the older leaders are looking for the ways of effective management the strategy of the organisation or the subdivisions. One of them, the vision, communication skills, Innovation, participation and initiative of employees for important stops, get the natural and powerful management tool. The top managers, who manage the company only after the financial key figures and wishing so that underlings followed their instructions only, and clung to the alleged general plans.

Several aspects include the difficulties of the transition to the balanced scorecard: after the first stage of the introduction of many desirable measurements are usually still not realized (sometimes up to 40% of the figures is missing). The first reaction of the leadership is predictable: If you can’t compete, you must do, that can be measured. This is one of the most common mistakes. If the data cards are carefully developed, so they give the information that are particularly important for this company. The Administration is bad, if the necessary parameters are not beginning to be measured. The balanced scorecard is not more than the instrument to support and To facilitate their implementation. For organizations that have an already drawn up and approved strategy, helps them faster and more effectively realize the methodology, as the application of any other. But it happens that at the formal general endorsement of the single practice during the introduction of the system will be shown, that each Member of the team his own, has quite a different interpretation of the strategy of the company. The conductors are also often disagree, who are your target customers as the priorities of the activity to differentiate the role of innovations and services in the strategy is, etc. The process of constructing the balanced scorecard thinks the full Declaration and the document how the strategy should be and what must fulfill for achieving the set objectives.

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