The Goal

Know that when we reach the goal, we pay for it. Ask yourself the following questions: What may be required of me to achieve the goal. I am ready to donate. Whether I agree on the possible consequences. You must have a clear understanding of positive and negative aspects of achieving your goal. Determine for yourself what you get, and something to lose. To your future is different from this should take some action.

Answers to these questions will help to take responsibility for the exercise of their intentions, and ultimately for their lives. 6. the necessary resources to achieve the goal. Determine what resources (necessary qualities of your nature, people) you need to achieve the desired result. Think of a situation where these qualities you have had, and move this state forward. Remember, every person has the necessary resources to achieve their goals. Force is always contained within ourselves, and the fulcrum is in the present moment. 7.

Identify obstacles to success goals. When performing their own solutions are always faced with difficulties, which are expressed in habitual behaviors. They performed almost automatically. Therefore, in order to behave differently, we must This automatism is overcome. And it’s pretty hard, especially when you consider that habitual action is faster. Therefore, the habit should always consider and think about ways to overcome it. It is important to determine obstacles to achieving the goals before you begin to take concrete steps. This will allow time to prevent or to round them. Ask yourself the following questions: What can stop me in achieving the goal? What are the difficulties obstacles may arise in my way? Is it possible that – that adverse to me, if my wish has come true? Finding themselves in negative beliefs and attitudes change them with new, positive, would bring you to a cherished goal.

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