Golden Autumn In The Jewellery Channel

Autumn is considered Golden season”because autumn is the Sun at a particular angle to Earth and gives everything a golden sheen. New designer jewelry shopping channel now to the season offers matching jewellery creations. So were the goldsmiths and jewelry designer of the vibrant colors inspired and designed fine gold rings, which were equipped with a bright gold yellow Topaz. According to Ripple, who has experience with these questions. The reminiscent of autumnal chain of gold, consistent with a gold pendant, which is decorated with sapphires and diamonds and a unique play of colours is manifested. The color range of earrings with red glowing rubies set in gold and bracelets from silver jewelry with deep blue opals. The jewelry of the jewellery channel can be combine with each other despite the variety of colours and different materials. So can fit ring and chain bracelet and Earring are worn for every occasion and classically elegant or modern casual. In the exclusive ILIANA collection offers specially co-ordinated jewellery the jewellery channel.

Jewelry friends can buy here high-quality jewelry from 750 gold and precious gems. The jewelry is made in the Group’s own factories of the jewellery channel. Before processing, the gems and jewellery undergo strict controls to provide a high quality. As proof and confirmation of quality and origin a warranty card enclosed each ILIANA jewelry piece. The jewelry of the tele-shopping channel is offered in the tradeshows or on the Internet via live stream. While experienced moderators present the jewellery jewelry, the viewer receives valuable tips on the care of jewelry and its parts, such as gems and precious metals.

Each broadcast not only to the jewelry is jewelry buy intended, but also as an information programme on the subject. Current Live offers can be found on, here jewelry lovers can participate in the auctions on the Internet.

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