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Today companies when hiring staff, not only comply with select professionals who know how to do a particular job or have a specific academic or technical knowledge. Many companies are concerned in hiring professionals who meet a certain type of skills or qualities. And every job requires a series of competences. Each company has its own list of competencies and evaluation of behaviors that are associated with each of the competencies. Similarly competencies vary if the company seeks so-called candidates to occupy a first job (learning ability, flexibility to adapt to changes, teamwork, empathy) or if you intend to fill positions requiring experience (initiative, decision-making capacity and management of team work, creativity, leadership, control of emotions). There are many and varied methodologies to analyze and measure the competencies of the candidates to occupy a place of work or to promote internally to employees of a company. These systems of measurement and evaluation are looking for accurate information about the competencies required for the position.

There is, however, the possibility that companies are aware of competencies and natural abilities of your candidates or employees through the interaction of these with horses. Using horses, which, through a series of specific exercises and tests that do not require riding animal, facilitate, direct and immediate responses to sincere and true about how we are and how we relate, communicate and generate confidence in others. Horses don’t judge, simply react naturally and honest, and put to the test our powers of leadership, coherence, empathy, security and clarity of intention. With this methodology, the company, with the responses of the horses, it can detect and uncover, among its employees, leaders so far were occupying posts without any responsibility and that, with proper training and preparation, they are called to exercise leadership effective. Similarly, there is a danger to control of the company in evidence that they don’t get an adequate by the horses response (of leadership), but that, pursuant to a plan of action to make it work those competencies needing improvement, can exercise a true and effective leadership. We can conclude that this tool can be a complement to traditional assessment systems that accelerate and define more precisely the skills of prospective employees or those in process of internal promotion.

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