Indoor Coaching

Indoor coaching always play there is an indoor game in your mind, no matter what is happening in the outdoor game. How aware you are of this game will mark the difference between success and failure in the outdoor game. Timothy Gallwey Como teach their young animals many years ago, one of the few programs of TVE I liked was a series of extraordinary stories of jungle animals made, with great passion, by Rodriguez de la Fuente. At that time, I was President of a production company and due to a co-production with French TV that try animals, I had the satisfaction of knowing you and share the mounting of several of their stories. I remember one, especially, in which both experienced emotion with the subtlety of the interior of the learning game natural. It was a beautiful example of when animals teach something to their offspring. In flat sequence we saw an adult hippopotamus that floated by removing the nose out of the water in the deepest part of a wild Lake.

It was recorded with natural sound so that it looked like a real contemplation. Then submerged, with a beautiful close-up. Stayed in the background about fifteen seconds before realizing impulse with the hind legs to climb to the surface again. Already in a sequence, a mother hippo, who was observing him while taking the Sun with her calf, began to push it with her snout toward the Lake. Breeding sank very quickly and was to for the Fund. Another long close-up, as if the camera was placed at the head of the mother, we saw as it approached, and also with the snout, raised him up slowly pushing toward the surface. Breeding only had time to take a few puffs of air before sinking. Mother repeated this process several times. He then left and stood on the part deeper to see if learning had ended.

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