Real Madrid Coaches

The coach of Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho a few days ago, said in reference to the enormous love that exists in Spain for football, there were 40 million coaches in this country, and even if this claim is highly exaggerated, it is true that all or the vast majority of football fans, have a coach within, that does not mean that the knowledge on the subject is the same in all people. Logically all opinions are respectable and everyone says what he thinks, or what comes in WINS, and in football topics tastes are like colors. Another thing is that who thinks is right in what he says, or that their comments are more or less successful. In regard to coaches, which are always preferred to the darts thrown by press and fans, white is curious to check as there are many people on both sides who are convinced that they know more football than own coaches, and we are not referring to any technical, but to those who are in the elite, at the highest levelthose which already accumulated in his records titles of all kinds, as well, or those saved from the continuous criticism that many times as you can see, it is totally unjust, lack of arguments, partial and interested. Another thing is that coaches make mistake, which they do, are human beings and make exactly the same mistakes that makes it a journalist, a lawyer, a politician, a doctor or a plumber. Good coaches are wrong are little and more which are not so. So far, everything normal, but never checks to see what errors they commit some of the suspects and more understood meanings, and in some cases are so egregious, colors that would remove anyone who have a minimum sense of the ridiculous, although we see over and over again, that there are who they insist and insist their mistakes, though after the time elapsed, remain entirely with the ass in the air, as they say in these cases.

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