Christmas Bonus

What are you going to spend your bonus? Surely all your money is going to go on Christmas gifts and end equal you stay with nothing, just like when you were before you receive the money. The aguinaldo is a very good opportunity to become an investor and thereby grow your money. There are different investment funds that can make your money grow. Please don’t take the Council keep money under the mattress, not desire anything and you’re just wasting money and time. Invest in an investment fund that money that you will have or have a bonus and multiply it.

And I do not say this just because it seems to me the right thing, I tell you because the National Commission for the protection and defence of the Servicios Financieros (Condusef) users, dare’s Web site suggested it. The Condusef is aware of large expenditures of the era, but said that investment funds are the best choice when spending the bonus, because you’re not spending it, but you’re so making grow. There are different types of investment funds and you can find the most adapted to your needs, is true that among most money risk you get to earn more, but also remember that there are guaranteed investment funds, which undertake to return you fully or partially your investment. This Christmas do not waste your aguinaldo, invest in mutual funds and earn more money.

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