Impairment Of Motor Skills

Planning a conversation researcher takes into account age, individual and psychological characteristics of the subject, the nature and degree of impairment of motor skills, speech and attitude to the patient's defect, and more. Methods of teaching examination. First of all, they include teacher observation, which is organized specifically and has formulated the task, the subject of surveillance, as well as a system of fixed factors. If the researcher does not interfere with the course pedagogical process. Outlining a working hypothesis, the investigator gathers the facts that confirm or disprove his hypothesis. Teacher observation is valuable because it enables us to study objects in the natural conditions.

It should only be widely used methods of accurate recording of facts: photographing, filming, tape recording, transcription, etc. The method of timing is determined by the time it takes to perform motion, a moving play, dance classes for part or the whole class. The results of observations are recorded in a log record, a diary. In processing the data are eliminated random facts, identifies patterns draws conclusions and generalizations. If the evidence is not enough, a second teacher observation.

Of great interest is self-observation on the instructions of the investigator. By turning introspective, for example, so called "suggestive representation" when it is necessary to include visual, tactile, kinesthetic sensations: the articulatory exercises before a mirror, singing, performing movements in statics and in dynamics without accompany speech, and accompanied by speech, etc. Should just remember that introspection can be used primarily in adults; introspection is mainly for the actions and movements – their lightness, difficulty results; person engaged in introspection, should receive extensive instruction on the methods of introspection and fixing the results. In generalizing the data of introspection should be considered as individual differences in patients as well as judgments on the merits of the subject and the organization of self-observation. In studies of rhythmic speech therapy appropriate to combine the open and covert surveillance.

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