Zebra Floor

ToughStripe is a robust floor marking tape with exceptional durability and high visibility for the use indoors the Brady ToughStripe Bodemarkierungsbander, footprints, arrows, etc. are made from the new polyester B-514 by Brady. The material is ideally suited for marking aisles, passageways and storage bins, and the references to important safety and escape routes. The new rugged polyester B-514 is a Brady material with just 0.2 mm thick. It is suitable for use indoors in dry environments. The installation of the floor marking tapes requires a minimum temperature of 5 C. Gary Kelly is full of insight into the issues. The tapes, arrows, footprints, points, etc. can be used at an operating temperature of-18 C and + 54 C and withstand aggressive chemicals.

ToughStripe floor marking products exceed the safety standards for clean, dry, non-slip surfaces according to ANSI A1264. 2 2006 and OSHA 1910.22 and offer an extraordinary Resistance. The material can withstand forklift operation without tearing or moving. The low profile prevents scratches which can arise in shelves or fork-lift trucks, etc. The stable polyester material supporting ligament prevents and reduces old and odd, wavy lines. The high-gloss surface Shimmers like a new coat of paint, and therefore ensures a high visibility. The low profile (0.2 mm) minimizes the accumulation of dirt along the edges.

The surface is also resistant to stains and dirt and can be easily cleaned. ToughStripe floor markers are available in different shapes, colours and sizes: role as band, dashes, points, arrows, footprints and corner markers (L, T and + forms). The floor marking tape and forms can be easily removed from the ground without damage the floor or glue residue to leave. The material B-514 does not tear when removing and can be solved in one piece. Thus ToughStripe offers more Flexibility in the design of the ground mark. This is extremely important in environments where lean is required. ToughStripe floor marking tapes and other forms are available at macro IDENT, the famous Brady distributor for the European area. MACRO IDENT has in addition to the durable ToughStripe floor marks and standard floor bands in different colors, widths and materials in the program. Floor marking devices to apply the tape up to a width of 75 mm, reflective tapes, self-adhesive warning marks, arrows, points and footprints made of vinyl are also available. For those who want a better color as floor marking, macro, IDENT has also various colors in 750 ml spray cans in the program. These colours are resistant to oil, gasoline, fat, water and other liquids. The ground marking colors are available for temporary or permanent use. Paints for road marking in the indoor and outdoor areas, as for example for Zebra stripes, construction site and car park leading mark or warehouses and workshops are also available.

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