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ThomasLloyd Capital LLC, the Investment Bank of Zurich-based ThomasLloyd group, planning another Asian road show for Bronzeoak Ltd announced. Zurich, August 23, 2010. The first road show in the Bronzeoak presented its business model and the existing bio-energy facility in San Carlos on the Philippines selected European and Asian investors, was recently successfully completed. The second road show, which is scheduled for September, will continue to focus on South-East Asia and include more investor presentations in Singapore and Hong Kong. To do this, said Tony Coveney, head of investment banking at ThomasLloyd: we were absolutely delighted by the reaction of investors, who have taken the management of Bronzeoak for the first time, as well as by investors, who are already familiar with the company and have accompanied us to visit the bio energy facility in San Carlos.

The range of investors ranging from strategic partners to financial investors. Bronzeoak, led by Graham Stowell, has one of the most reputable Management teams in the industry and we are excited to work with them.” Graham Stowell, CEO of Bronzeoak Ltd, added: sustainable, we are convinced of our first target markets, the Philippines and Indonesia, particularly in light of the number of chances and opportunities, resulting in the two countries. Our projects are doing help to conserve energy resources for the local and national population. Just the provision of electricity in rural weakly structured areas is a real stimulus to the economy. More information:

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