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Do it would be appropriate also from the consideration that 'Eco-Comfort' is working with the plant DAKON for almost 10 years and is familiar with its products. By the way, the plant DAKON was established in 1949, and by 1970 the ninth year was one of the largest manufacturers of boilers solid fuels. Gasification boilers to produce the first plant began in 1996, it was the boilers brand GASOGEN, which in 2005 had been phased out and replaced with an improved and more technologically model KP PYRO. If the gasification boilers DAKON talk about gasification boilers DAKON, then design it as follows: boiler body is welded from steel with a thickness of 4-6 mm into the upper part of the loaded fuel is located in the lower combustion chamber of ceramic blocks. The upper part is separated from bottom of the ceramic nozzle. At the rear – a collector of products of combustion from an exhaust fan in the front – the upper (loading) and the lower door. The top panel is a remote control with elements of adjustment. Submission of primary air is provided by adjusting the segments of the side panels, the secondary air is heated in the back of the collector and the combustion products is supplied through pipes to the nozzle. Formed in pyrolysis gas furnace with an exhaust fan is sucked into the combustion chamber where it mixes with secondary air in the ceramic nozzle and burns with the greatest possible benefit for wood heat.

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