Life Coaching

Angela Shepherd Deschner from Waghausel I offers with creative media sensitive counselling and relationship help to help themselves in every life situation who am and what am I doing here? What are my strengths, where my weaknesses and how can I compensate them? Where do I belong? This not only once questions each in the life, and that. As a trained sensitive media life consultant Samuels/Knaus, Angela Shepherd Deschner wants to help people in different life situations and during times of crisis to answer these and other fundamental questions. In every man there are self-healing, which must only be activated. A sitting is a sensitive-run single session, discovered, viewed, and discussed existing personal potential in a man in the. New perspectives emerge if free valuations and provisions or childhood of programmed patterns of behaviour on the search for positive opportunities, actively to shape their own lives. The own systems, strengths and is an important aspect to know weaknesses to find for itself track in life. A new perspective on their own lives, their own past opens up new opportunities for the future. Then can be unfolded fully its investment.

The healing and consultative aspect is at the sitting with Angela Shepherd Dames in the foreground. The or the Wegsuchende learns to understand is what mental intention and what deeper meaning behind his problems. Therefore, a recovery of the energy flow is possible. A self healing power inherent in every human being, which, even if it sometimes does not occur in appearance – can be reactivated. The individual makes the decision to do so, a healer or a medium offers only the help to help themselves. It requires only the openness of the individual and his living conditions also automatically change the will, his own consciousness, to then change his perspective on life. Medium”is Latin and means the average” and refers to something, that something else can be transported or conveyed.

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