Literature And Education

Speaking on literature, then it comes the souvenir of its importance, decomo to work it similar of that the pupils despertem interest eprincipalmente the taste for the same one. This research dealt with desafiosque the professor finds to develop practical its in education deliteratura, where questionnaires had been distributed, so that osprofessores thought, taking off conclusions on practical its in ensinode literature. The gotten results, demonstrate that one of the challenges is afalta of the taste for the reading, where the pupils are not apt to desenvolverem deeper readings and that they require greater attention ededicao. What if he can conclude, he is that the challenges are innumerable, masos professors, as mediating, must search ways to conseguirrealizar a good work mainly and, to make with that the pupils setornem reading assets and critics of its reality. Introduction Leaving of the estimated one of that literature, since temposremotos, is part of the pertaining to school resume and in not atrairmuito sight of the pupils, the present article possesss as point of departure, aquesto of the challenges that the professor finds to develop suaprtica in the literature education, where some foraminvestigados data, so that they gave to subsidies so that the fossemdetectados challenges, similar of if thinking solutions to revert the situaoatual in which the literature education if finds limited aolivro didactic very, that must be used to become the more attractive lessons deliteratura and does not have to be the only method the serutilizado one, where the professor must look new ways to detrabalhar the texts of a more attractive form. Methodology Initially, was elaborated a questionnaire with perguntasabertas, where it will be possible to get different and diversasrespostas. The questionnaire possesss the profile of the searched citizen eos considered questionings, was distributed for quatroprofessores, that teach in basic education, however, somentedois questionnaires had been returned, where they had excessively alleged faltade time. .

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