Nobel Prize

The cingals and winner of the Prize Nobel Mohan Munasinghe, who are Physicist, Economist and Economist affirmed that Brazil already is a economic power. In the opinion of Brazil is parents very rich of human resources and natural and could be a great leader, especially in the development of alternative energies, as etanol of the sugar cane-of-sugar, therefore the used technology for U.S.A. (of etanol of the maize) is bad for the supplying of alimentos’ ‘ , it said. ‘ ‘ Necessary Brazil to search partnerships to help to preserve the world. economic economist Jim O’ Neill, head of the global seek area of the bank of Goldman Sachs investments, creative of term BRIC s, detaches that this new scene does not foresee that the high expansion in China and India, of the last years, is repeated, but yes that these countries grow, between 2011 and 2050, to average of 5,2% and 6,3%, respectively. Neill affirms that at this moment, added, mentioning the projection to it for the Country of average growth of 4,3% between 2011 and 2050. The expectation for Russia is more modest, of 2,8% for the period. According to ‘ Neill, in 2027, the presumption year of the turn, the economy of China would reach the value of US$ 22,25 trillions, having assumed the first place in ranking of the economies. The economy of the United States, however, would be in according to place, with value of US$ 21.61 trillions, in third, would come India (US$ 5,54 trillions), in room, Japan (US$ 5,39 trillions), in sixth, Germany (US$ 4,16 trillions), in seventh, Russia (US$ 4,02 trillions), and in eighth, Brazil (3,87 trillions), in the front of countries that today are part of the G8 as France, Italy and the Canad.E in the meeting of the BRIC Acreditamos that it is very necessary to have a system of steady verge, previsible and more diversified, affirms the final declaration of the meeting, cited for the agencies of Russian notice, mainly the Interfax, main and the most important one of the Country. in the meeting of the G20 group, occurrence in the end of last week, enters days 26 the 27 of September, in U.S.A., the BRIC

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