Manmade Disaster

In Moscow, there was almost no technological disaster. Environmentalists have a professional investigation into illegal hunting of goats. In Russia, concerned to preserve the tiger population. In the U.S., the gray wolf removed from the list endangered species. The level of mercury in the oceans is increasing.

Due to global warming, spiders grow faster and reproduce. Fish stocks on the planet on the verge of exhaustion. A team of scientists has found in Madagascar more than 100 new species of frogs. Photofact: Ten most dangerous animals on our planet. Overview of events for the week of 04/05/2009 to 10/05/2009. In Moscow, there was almost no technological disaster in the night from Saturday to Sunday in Moscow occurred explosion on the pipeline, followed by a strong fire.

Flame height reached, according to various estimates, from two hundred to three hundred meters. Fire was given the highest category of difficulty, it could eliminate after 15 hours. By preliminary data, the most probable cause of the explosion could be a depressurization emergency valve that regulates pressure in the main pipe pipeline. Moscow Mayor Yuri called the incident technogenic disaster. In addition, he promised that all damage to citizens, will be reimbursed by the city authorities. Head of Press Service of the capital moe Yevgeny Bobylev said that the threat of environmental catastrophe due to the explosion and fire on the pipeline in the west of Moscow, no. By the time of this writing, gas is almost completely burnt down in an emergency pipe and no air pollution have been recorded.

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