Eco-house – The House Of The Future

Currently, worldwide and in Russia in particular, with comfortable accommodation, both in individual and in multi-family housing provided by non-renewable energy resources. But, unfortunately, the stocks of these resources are not eternal, and the latest estimates, will soon be exhausted. Thus, the oil around the world have about 18 years old, gas – not much more. The cost of electricity obtained by hydro and nuclear power plants constantly growing, which is considerably more costly operation and without the expensive housing. Therefore, urgent question arose about the construction of houses that are capable of independent existence.

The concept of the house there was quite a long time. The concept of Green Buildings arose in the wake of the first energy crisis in 70 years of xx century. When the cost of fuel and, consequently, heating, increased sharply, the question arose of creating a cost-effective home. Efficiency intended to reduce heat loss and the transition to alternative energy sources. It was assumed that a cost-effective in the state house or to significantly reduce energy consumption, such a house taken called "passive", and ideally – to produce energy in excess, providing the neighboring – and accordingly decided to call this house "active". Experiments the 70's led to paradoxical results – it turns out that most cost-effective from an energy point of view was "Grandma's house" of the Nordic countries – Scandinavia, Canada and Russia. That is, houses built without "aluminum, glass and concrete, from environmentally friendly materials. The imposition of the economy on the Ecology and gave rise to the term Eco-house.

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