Practical Application

At the end of straining stocks of raw, as a rule, carefully squeeze. Store the tincture should be in the refrigerator or in the dark cool place. Shelf-life alcoholic tinctures, unlike water infusions and decoctions, much more – while carefully respecting the conditions it may reach 1 year. Spirits on the thistle are drugs strong action, so they have more restrictions and contraindications for use. Use them, usually in small doses – usually at a reception appointed from 1 – 2 15 – 20 drops.

Practical Application of a thistle, reviews and recommendations. Maria N. (1954). I want to share their experiences of reception of ground milk thistle seeds in filter bags. In general, I, herbs and all kinds of tinctures not trust very much colorfully painted effect application. Thistle I advised my mother to regenerate the liver, as a child I suffered hepatitis and liver made itself felt.

Pleased that the milk thistle is sold on the Internet and is not expensive. I tried all the options its release: meal, oil, capsules. Do you like the meal. I took a half hour before meals 2-3 times a day on a teaspoon with water. Indeed I saw the result. The liver is no longer worried about the pain and stopped to break down the digestive system is not pulling your stomach. Most of all I was pleased to get rid of scars on his face, the skin became much clearer. But before that I was treated and a dermatologist and allergist and a gastroenterologist, trying to cleanse the face.

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