Mr Robert Kiyosaki

From my experience I can tell you that when start in the world of Internet business, I had a few conomientos of HTML and PHP, and knew nothing of SEO, Marketing programs affiliate, Adsense, etc. Create my first business site was very hard, took me a long time, money and effort. And honest with you, I got a result mediocre, if we see it from the point of view of business. Today we can hire people who develop our site, this we will reduce the time and effort on our part, but possibly increase our costs or inversion, and it may not necessarily be duplicable. Not is if your have read self-improvement books, but my personally helped me much to change my way of seeing things, and so that I change viewing Internet, previously was a person who used it to search for information, send e-mail, watch videos, but never for business.

In one of the books that I have read Mr Robert Kiyosaki says you duplicables business, and that’s the key, to have business duplicables, and ready to generate income through programs of affiliate, adsense, among others. In my case I found a robot that allows me to create my sites in less than a minute, permitiendome duplicated my business in a way very easy. That does not mean that I do not work, Yes, remember that I said unto them that to create something is created twice, because I am responsible for creating him the first time, so I research the niche market, keywords, etc, and the robot takes care of build it the second time. It should take advantage of technology that exists today in day, in order to perform duplicables business, and be able to use our time in other projects as many personal as professional.

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