Royal Society

But more importantly we know institutions and enterprises adapt to this new reality of globalised world appeared thanks to the development of the information and knowledge society. It is necessary that political bodies provide assistance to all local social and economic actors in order to ensure them the minimum necessary conditions that ensure its performance and stability, but this point, clearly, is very difficult since the political decision-making bodies will be subject to the power of the multinationals. If this local development at all levels is not promoted by public institutions and policies, will have to be done by private initiative. They are more and more entities or organizations that launch initiatives in this respect, promoting, supporting, financing or mentoring projects in the social and economic. This is a hopeful point, since if all system tends to settle their conflicts to achieve the balance needed to operate effectively, this globalized real capitalism can be corrected or adapt thanks to its members than to the end and we are after. It is necessary, therefore, the emergence of capable of providing promoters helps Royal Society in creating business initiatives, social projects, political movements, etc. As that legion are organizations that support the multinationals in terms of achieving its economic goals supporting them in their advertising campaigns, legal and commercial aspects, or in the management of their business, as should exist support for all those local projects that ensure a sustainable and successful development through the emergence of companies or initiatives that you achieve giving support and tools to compete and consolidate itself in new markets. Pedro Gonzalez Chapinal solutions for local development..

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