Munich: A Face For Freedom In The Iran

Amnesty International campaigned on human rights in the Iran. The Streetlife Festival in Munich informed Amnesty International about the blatant persecution, threats, torture and violations of individual human dignity, religious and ethnic minorities of the regime in the Iran of the own population. Mainly independently-minded are unloved by the regime and risk their lives and those of their families, if they stand up for freedom of expression, law and justice. The action, many passers-by on talks settled and participated with a gaze into the camera in “A face” for freedom in Iran. Why are the people actually so brutally treated? It’s only protection of the regime against the “imperialist threat” from the United Kingdom and the United States? A reflex of escape? Some will seek to justify this inhuman attacks on women, children, students, trade unionists, activists, artists and journalists with regard to power cravings from the West, the regime in the Iran accuses a “soft overthrow” plan and all register moves, to prevent this. Who deals with the ideology of the State and its religious legitimacy, it will find that the drive behind the brutal actions of the regime is rooted in a specific target. Society that has formed various subgroups and works out of the background, want the return of the so-called Mahdi, the Shiite Messiah, the world do for the followers of the so-called Hodschatieh.

To speed up the return claiming the devout Muslim must cause as much injustice and bloodshed. Who delved into this train of thought into it, must shiver. First, a religion is misused to exert power and manipulate people, secondly, the religion is interpreted according to the gusto of Messianic hard-liners (such as Mesbah Yazdi), all other interpretations are rejected and combated. In this atmosphere to live and grow up, can trigger only contradiction or naive subservience. And because the regime hard It works abroad through the back doors of a democratic society, seems to gain a foothold with peaceful intentions, all civil societies are affected when in the Iran freedom is robbed and destroyed. If we us today don’t speak up for the people in the Iran, it could tomorrow be too late for us.

When do you perform an action in your city? Also action in the circle of friends can help in the Iran by your face to show solidarity to the people and the regime significantly to take care in the West to the people in the Iran. We publish your videos from the actions, your actions, your poster. Many Iranians have access to these photos, they will understand the sign of solidarity and go on their way to freedom.

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