Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories – is part of Canada, located in the north in pripolyare. Most of the population and business activity in the region are concentrated in the capital – near Yellowknife Great Slave Lake. Main industrial sector is mining, mainly in mining precious metals. The development of gold mines was launched in 1930. In recent times few have been discovered diamond fields to the north of Yellowknife. Most of the territory is wild land, only occasionally interrupted by human settlements. Most of these settlements were founded by indigenous peoples, but sometimes there are settlements based courageous travelers and adventurers.

More than 50% of the population of the Northwest Territories are Inuit communities (Inuit living in Canada, Alaska and Greenland in), and Dene. These communities are located in Canada or hundreds of even thousands of years. A characteristic feature of the landscape of the Northwest Territories are the vast evergreen forests and verdant hills. This region is thinly populated by people, so while walking you have more chances meet the bison, grizzly bear, or even of a representative of the local wildlife than humans. These vast, sparsely populated land is home to many species of birds and animals including rare species of them.

Walking here promise to be very exciting, but at the same time is not always safe. Northwest Territories Mackenzie Mountains extend from the border with the Yukon to the barren lands to the east and from the shores and islands of the Arctic ocean to the forests in the south. Since 1967, the capital – the city of Yellowknife. The longest river of Canada – Mackenzie extends to 1480 km. It originated in the Great Slave Lake and flows into the Beaufort Sea. Among the tourists are popular boating and boat on the River Mackenzie, Great Slave and Great Bear Lake. The climate of the Northwest Territories cold but relatively dry. Summer is usually warm and sunny, the temperature reaches 35 C. Winter – long and cold, the temperature can drop to -45 C. Holidays in this region is suitable for those who rush of civilization and society people prefer silence, beauty and splendor of wildlife and its inhabitants.

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