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Angela Merkel discussed with the heads of the largest German power company this week German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with the heads of the four largest German energy companies E.ON, EnBW, RWE and Vattenfall, as well as some other representatives of the industry. The meeting was scheduled in terms of on the energy summit, which is to take place early February. Were discussed in particular the proposals of the EU Commissioner Gunther Oettinger (CDU), who advocates a harmonization of the promotion of renewable energies in the EU so that, for example, only still there more solar energy to be subsidized, where the number of hours of sunshine is also correspondingly high. The renewable energy industry representatives were not invited to the Summit, Merkel stressed, however, that no immediate cuts in the promotion of renewable energies would be imminent. Already in the run-up to the meeting loud criticism of the meeting was been on the part of the renewable industry. The President of the Federal Association of renewable energy (BEE) Dietmar Contactor turned in a letter even on Federal Environment Minister Rottgen, by urging them to face against the EU harmonisation plans for renewable energy. “In the letter, it is about: I would like to you on behalf of the renewable-energy industry urgently ask himself personally in the Federal Government, as well as on European level EU harmonisation of national support systems to speak out against and actively, however, to proceed.” “The reasoning that by harmonising total costs could be saved, not divides contactor: withstand the alleged cost benefits of impending harmonisation any scientific review.” To what extent Mr Rottgen will go down on the claim by Dietmar Schutz and ensures not only there to promote renewable energy, where they make the most profit, remains to be seen. Federal Environment Minister Norbert Rottgen has, meanwhile, also officially turned against the plans of Oettingers and is combative: if it were so, that with the Money of the Germans in South Italy and Spain markets are developed and we stick to it, to import our energy, then the entire transformation would be nonsensical, and she would lose the acceptance in Germany.” Now it remains to be seen what results you get at the EU energy summit, which early February will be held.

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