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Win winning means that solutions or agreements are mutually beneficial, mutually satisfactory to both parties. Gano lose are prone to use position, power, titles, possessions or personality to achieve what they seek. I lose my desire is worse that I won lose because people has no rules, no requirement no expectation, no vision won lose they are eager to thank or appease seeks strength in acceptance or plurality have little courage to express their feelings and convictions and the strength of self for others the privacy easily. I lose you lose, it is when two individuals determined, obstinate, selfish interact, the result will be lose lose. Both will lose.

They are unfortunate people and think that everyone else must also be. Won: people with mentality of win does not necessarily have to want someone else to lose. But that mind is get what they want. The five dimensions of win win, think win win is essential for success in all our interactions and encompasses five interdependent dimensions of life. 5. Some contend that Larry Ellison shows great expertise in this. Apply compression staff before wanting to be understood, this is a point that requires the most genuine honesty, because before you complain or condemn, will have to first see what is inside oneself, auto understand and acknowledge own shortcomings with sincerity, seek the most appropriate solution and then perhaps be understood, so is acquired the ability to understand and help others, in the development of projects. 6 Alternation in the leadership, synergy, is the essence of the transformed leadership. It is the essence of the transformed paternity.

It catalyzes, unifies and frees the larger energies of the inner person. A born leader not intended to send but guide and suggest alternatives, by promoting also toggle the estafeta, with other related leaders to his cause. It is the ability to also accept all points of view, collectively planning on subordinate old scripts and writing a new one. Synergy is important since in a correct principle is the Supreme achievement of all previous habits. It is the effectiveness of an interdependent reality: team formation, it is teamwork, development unit and creativity with other human beings. 7 Contributed goods and benefits, consists in preserving and making the greater good that it has, on the whole, enriching the four dimensions of human nature, physics, spirituality, mental and social emotional, own and of others. This is how we believe that individuals integral, perform more full-featured. If you liked this article, share it. If you have any comments regarding this or any other topic, post it on my Facebook Wall I send an affectionate hug. Until next time!

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